NEWS 2019.05.16 Equineracing Promotion Video

NEWS Equineracing Promotion Video

 It has been 7 years since Equine Racing was established.
The theme of training the highest quality horses under their specialised management program.
In order to maintain the health of horses, the quality of feed, bedding along with increasing the output in daily training to increase petrol tank or improve fuel efficiency.
Each exercise is considered on the basis of scientific analysis.
As well as asking rider for the opinion,the heart rate during the work and the lactic acid level after the work are collated with the riders feeling.
Looking at training from a scientific viewpoint, the empirical ruled that was relied on the feeling of the rider until now, it leads all staff to share each horses information, increasing the time for thinking, proposing and discussing each horses.
It is not training that build up time but the quality of content-orientated training which adjusts the optimal workload each time while keeping an eye on the lactic acid level.
The treadmill was introduced in 2017 in order to help build a training program suitable for each horse, including rehabilitation and sports testing.
Before a horse returns to training after time-off with a lowered bone density, the bone marrow can be restored using a treadmill which will also raise the physical strength while lowering the chance of injury.
Veterinary science has been making progress in the areas as laminitis and bone fractures in both debut and injured horses, and this technology and staff have led to a number of winners from horses might have been dismissed.
We also practice scientific efforts to bring out the growth potential of horses in warm areas through light control during the winter season.
The entire staff regularly perform body checks on the horses, uncovering body conditions thats cannot be expressed in weight alone, and this lowers the injury rate and providing a place for the staff to learn.
Veterinarians are not only active in the stables and fields, but hold regular study session with the staff to improve the knowledge of the whole team.
In order to deepen scientific training, I also practice in a lactic acid research hosted by Professor Hideo Hatta of the university of Tokyo, which is a world authority on the subject.
In addition, I am expanding my knowledge by conducting inspection on overseas sales, racing and farms, and constantly adapting my thinking on the topic.
Generally training farm tend to put a lot of emphasis on putting out successful race horses, however, we think that the hard work put into this is hard to observe from the outside.
Keeping a horse in optimum condition, being able to debut a horse early in their career, injured horses back onto the track, and improving their performance whether that means a win or just higher placings.
I believe this will lead to satisfaction for the owners as the possibilities of their horses increase.
in the past years, we have welcomed five new members of staff who are dedicated to the
organization and enriched our methods.
we have created a balance of young and experienced staff.
We are ready to manage horses in a healthy environment, implementing out training methods and little by little improving their potential.
Thank you for your consideration. Equine Racing Co.,Ltd